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Home Health Care

Taking care of you and your family.

At Pharmasave we are dedicated to providing you with professional, discreet one on one care. You will find a highly trained Home Health Care consultant on staff who specializes in mastectomy fitting and ostomy care.

With a commitment to training, we are always up to date on the latest products and services on the market. We want nothing more than to see you live your life independently and we are here with professional advice and compassion. With a large selection of bathroom safety products, braces and back supports, stockings, incontinence products, specialty wound care products, daylight therapy and other aids to daily living you are sure to find what you need! We are here to help you get moving and have a selection of mobility aids such as walkers and canes. We also have an Urban Poling coach on staff, the latest fitness trend! Rentals are offered as well at the Comox Pharmasave for items such as wheelchairs, crutches, breast pumps, nebulizers and more.

The Circulation Booster is a medical device designed to increase leg circulation. It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the muscles in your feet and lower legs to help maintain healthy legs. By placing your bare feet on each of the footpads, therapeutic electrical impulses stimulate the nerve endings on the soles of your feet which in turn contracts and relaxes the muscles in the lower legs to increase circulation.

Using the Circulation Booster for as little as 20-30 minutes each day may help maintain healthy circulation in your legs and provide relief from swollen feet and ankles and tired, aching and ankles.  For more information or a demonstration of the Circulation Booster please call (250) 339-4563.


Bathroom Safety

With many slippery surfaces and obstacles, your bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in your home. Prevent injuries by taking a few simple precautions like purchasing a bath seat for the tub or a raised toilet seat with a frame. For more details on how to avoid these potential hazards stop by and see your Pharmasave Home Health Care Consultant today.



Mobility Aids

Decreased mobility can make it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks such as, walking outside to get your morning paper. There is a wide range of mobility products on the market today. Anything from canes and walkers or even specialty products like uplift chairs and stairlifts. To choose the product that suits your needs and gets you living your life to the fullest, stop by and see our Home Health Care Consultant today!

Braces & Supports

Throughout your life you may experience pain for a variety of reasons. A sprain or strain from a sports injury, post surgery or post cast healing, overuse of certain muscles or repetitive motion can all cause pain and discomfort. There are a variety of products on the market and seeking the advice of a certified brace and support fitter is critical to the healing process. Start your journey to wellness by visiting us today.

Stocking/Compression Therapy

Did you know that approximately 80% of leg disorders originate within the veins? If you have tired, aching, swollen legs or if you see the beginning of varicose veins, you may want to consult a professional on how to improve your venous circulation. Some causes and risk factors include, heredity, long distance travel, age over 40, pregnancy, use of hormone medications and more. For more information on compression therapy and how to prevent or treat leg problems stop by and talk to your pharmacist or home health care consultant today.


If breast cancer has touched your life or the life of someone you love, you know the road to recovery holds many challenges. By anticipating and planning ahead before your breast surgery your recovery will be easier on you and your family. At Pharmasave we have a private fitting room and a fully certified mastectomy fitter that has been helping women get back to leading a full and active life for over 10 years.


If you or someone you care about has gone through colostomy surgery, you know the question is, “ will I be able to carry on doing the things I loved before the surgery?” The answer is yes! By contacting a specialist and going over the options available to you, the life you deserve is just around the corner. Our Home Health Care Consultant has over 10 years of ostomy experience and we also have an ostomy nurse in store on the last Saturday of every month.

Living Well Aids

With all of the products on the market you are sure to find a product or two that will make your life easier! You will find everything from a jar opener to an easy reacher at Pharmasave! On top of Senior’s Day every Tuesday we also have, on the first Tuesday of every month, a special day just for senior’s. We will have features and samples and of course some warm tea or coffee and biscuits! Stop by and see what your Home Health Care Department has to offer.


We offer many services at Pharmasave to help you live your life to the fullest! Here are a few:

  • Need an item short term? We rent items such as wheel chairs and walkers, crutches, breast pumps, nebulizers and more!
  • Foot Care Clinic with Sheila Cameron on the last Monday of every month
  • Ostomy Nurse, Kim on the first Saturday of every month
  • Visit our Home Health Care department on the first Thursday of every month and see what’s new! You will find features along with refreshments and more!

Staff Bio


Home Health Care Consultant

Joanne has been making the lives of her customers easier for over 15 years, having spent most of her career specializing in Mastectomy fitting and Ostomy care. She also has a wealth of knowledge in bathroom safety ideas and brace and stocking fitting. Joanne knows that working in this industry takes compassion and understanding. She has continued to educate herself on the latest products and services to better help her customers.